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Southern California
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 California Orchards

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Southern California Orchards
Tehachapi area

Calico Ranch
Highway 78 at Calico Ranch Road
Phone: (858) 586-0392
Apples and pears;

Connelly Orchard- "The 7 C's"
Phone: (661) 822-0930
Apples: Early Gold, Royal Gala, McIntosh, Jonathon, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Mutsu, Empire, Red Rome, Fuji, Braeburn, Winesap, and Granny Smith

Dries Farms
22710 Highline Road
Phone: 661-823-9829
Open: Wednesday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm; Closed Monday and Tuesday
U-pick Apples and Raspberries
visit the Dries Farms website

Freitag Orchard
1412 Robin Lane
Phone: (661) 822-3716
No apples in 2002--See you in 2003!

Hartnett Farms
21850 Highway 202
Phone: (661) 822-4677
U-pick or we pick; six varieties of apples. U-press cider

Johnson's Apple Orchard
Phone: 661-822-3149

Knaus Ranch
Cherry Lane and Tucker Road
Phone: (661) 822-4142
U-pick apples, gourmet olives, crafts, apple peelers, apple and pumpkin butter.

Kolesars' Apples
corner of Highline and Casey Drive
Five varieties of apples at our u-pick orchard.

Leonardland Apples (Gene's)
Phone: 661-822-8715

Meyer Orchards
3962 Highway 78
Phone: (760) 765-0233
Apples: Golden and Red Delicious, Jonathan.
Also: pears, apple cider.
visit Meyers Orchards website

Mourning Cloak Ranch

Pulford's Appletree Orchard
19440 Highline Road
Phone: (661) 822-5021; Call for availability. 
Open: Weekends beginning mid September 13 Varieties of Apples

RB Family Orchard
1437 Casey Drive
Tehachapi, CA 93561
Phone: (661) 822-5969
Open: Labor Day Weekend Daily 9-5
Fresh picked apples, fresh pressed cider, home made apple goodies, home grown horseradish
visit RB Family Orchards website

Home Kitchen Archives Growers Orchard Trail Apple Kids
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