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Medium Heirloom Model Cider Press


dba Correll Cider Presses®

CORRELL CIDER PRESSES are produced only in Lane County Oregon by Cider Press LLC under the supervision and quality control of partners Bob Correll and Dan Correll.

The Correll Apple Cider Press, hand-built from hardwood to an exacting design, comes in two models: Heirloom and Standard, each in five sizes. They are easy to operate and easy to clean.

Bob has been refining the original press design since 1973. These are the original Correll Cider Presses. We passed 4,190 presses made by March 2018.

The whole process in 90 seconds!


  • Presses are manufactured using Eastern Ash from Michigan and Kentucky
  • All presses come complete with two baskets, two filter bags, and are finished with a durable non?toxic finish. They are mounted on wheels and have handles for easy moving. (All you need to provide are a juice?collecting container, apples and cider storage containers.) They all include a direct-drive motor (no belts to break or backs to throw out!).
  • All fabricated parts are American?made. The thrust bearing at the bottom of the press screw insures smooth turning even under great pressure.
  • Specially sharpened pulping knives are designed to break up the juice cells, producing more juice—up to 3.5 gallons per standard bushel of apples. Older presses and some currently on the market average 1 to 2 gallons from the same bushel.
  • It takes only about 3 minutes from whole apples to juice on any size press.
  • All presses have removable hoppers for cleaning and storage. Removing hopper reduces overall height by 9".
  • Correll cider presses can be used to press pears or grapes, as well. Solid?type table grapes can be pressed rapidly. Slip?skin varieties (Concord or Niagra) require pressing in several stages over an hour or two, using a filter bag. Do not press stone fruits through the shredder without first removing ALL the pits. Anything hard will severely damage the grinder knives.

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Why buy a Correll press? Because they are the best - pure and simple.

CIDER PRESS LLC dba Correll Cider Presses®
Mailing address: P.O. Box 400, Elmira, Oregon 97437
Physical address: 25865 Hwy. 126 #A109, Veneta, OR 97487
Phone: (541) 935-3500
Email: ciderdan@correllciderpresses.com

Cider press manufacturing by Robert V. Correll and Dan Correll

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