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Correll presses are offered in five sizes. (The Medium Plus size is not shown in the photo to the right.) Read about the construction details of the presses below.

Making stainless steel shredder teeth
Shredder spindles for four sizes of the presses offered
Shredder assemblies made in four sizes in Standard and Heirloom. Each will accomodate softball sized apples
Bottom bearing assembly in three sizes
Press screw assembly ACME screw shafts in sizes 1" - 1 1/4"

Why buy a Correll press? Because they are the best - pure and simple.

CIDER PRESS LLC dba Correll Cider Presses®
For more information, contact: ciderbob@correllciderpresses.com
Ready to order? Contact: ciderdan@correllciderpresses.com
Mailing address: P.O. Box 400, Elmira, Oregon 97437
Physical address: 25865 Hwy 126 #A109, Veneta, Oregon 97487
Phone: (541) 935-3500
For billing inquiries, contact: ciderdan@correllciderpresses.com"

Cider press manufacturing by Robert V. Correll and Dan Correll
Bob Correll: ciderbob@correllciderpresses.com
Dan Correll: ciderdan@correllciderpresses.com

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