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Listed below are the five sizes now offered. Standard and Heirloom models are offered. Standard models include some marine grade hardwood plywood. Heirloom presses are solid hardwood throughout. Both Standard and Heirloom presses are Eastern Ash.
  1. Junior Cider Gem
    Standard weighs about 140 pounds; Heirloom about 140 pounds. Junior comes with 6" wheels, a 4" shredder with a 1/4 hp motor. Measures overall about 42" long, 35" high, and 23" wide. Junior baskets are 10" high, and 7 1/2" ID. Expect 2 to 3 quarts per squeeze. ACME pressing screw shaft is 1".
  2. Medium
    Standard weighs about 166 pounds; Heirloom about 166 pounds. Overall length is 48", 39" high and 25" wide. Baskets are 12" high, 8 1/4" ID, holds 3 gallons of shredded apples, and squeezes 1 to 1 1/2 gallons per squeeze. It has a 5" shredder, 1/4 hp motor, and 6" wheels. Acme screw shaft is 1". Medium and Medium Plus are our most requested models.
  3. Medium Plus
    Medium Plus weighs about 183 pounds; Heirloom about 183 pounds. Built as high as a Medium, but as wide and long as a Large. Accommodates baskets that hold 4 gallons of shredded pulp. Medium holds 3 gallons, Large 5 gallons. It has a 6" shredder and a 1/3 hp motor. Acme screw shaft is 1". Advantages: more capacity than a Medium, and easier to use for shorter people, and older and younger helpers. My personal press is a Medium Plus.
  4. Large
    Standard weighs about 188 pounds; Heirloom about 188 pounds. Large is 54" long, 42" high, and 27" wide. Baskets are 14" high, and 9 3/8" ID, holds about 5 gallons of shredded pulp. Presses close to 2 gallons per squeeze. Acme screw shaft size is 1 1/4". Large has 7" wheels, 6" shredder, 1/3 hp motor.
  5. Jumbo
    Standard weighs about 230 pounds, Heirloom about 230 pounds. Jumbo is 58" long, 45" high, and 29" wide. Baskets are 16" high and 11 3/8" ID. Presses close to 3 gallons per squeeze. Acme screw shaft is 1 1/4". Jumbo has 8" wheels, 7" shredder, and 1/2 hp motor. Jumbo baskets hold close to a 40 pound bushel of shredded apples. 450 gallons in one day has been reported for the Jumbo.

All presses come with 2 baskets, 2 basket pallets, lid, lid removal tool, 2 filter bags, and are mounted on wheels at no extra cost, and come complete with instructions. Weight will vary on all presses offered.

Please Note: Gallons referred to are approximations only. Many variables must be considered in apples used, such as variety, stage of ripeness, etc. Unripe apples are dry, while over-ripe apples are mushy, and either condition will cause greatly reduced juice quantity. Cooking apples are quite dry. The early summer apples do not make as good a juice. The taste is often weak or too tart to be enjoyed. Rely on Fall and Winter apples for the best juice. A mix of 3 or more varieties gives the best flavor. Pears can be added if desired, but since they are so sweet, 20 per cent is usually enough.

Grapes and soft fruits may be pressed as well. With grapes, milk them off of the stems into the shredder device until you have filled the basket below. Solid type table grapes can be pressed rapidly. Slip skin varieties such as Concord or Niagra require pressing in several stages over an hour or so. With grapes or soft fruit use a filter bag.

DO NOT under any circumstances attempt to process stone fruits through the shredder. This will damage the knives the same as if you threw in a handful of rocks.

Consult with your county agent or a reputable wine supply store for preservation or fermentation instructions.

Why buy a Correll press? Because they are the best - pure and simple.

CIDER PRESS LLC dba Correll Cider Presses
Mailing address: P.O. Box 400, Elmira, Oregon 97437
Physical address: 25865 Hwy. 126 #A109, Veneta, OR 97487
Phone: (541) 935-3500
Email: ciderdan@correllciderpresses.com

Cider press manufacturing by Robert V. Correll and Dan Correll

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