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 Correll Cider Press

                 Standard Model

 Correll Cider Press

Heirloom Model

Price List

Current Retail Prices
Prices FOB Veneta, Oregon
Visa, MasterCard, Dicsover Card, and Americn Express accepted.


Cider Gem Model Standard Heirloom
Junior $1065 $1275
Medium $1205 $1415
Medium Plus $1360 $1570
Large $1470 $1680
Jumbo $1580 $1800

There is a $150 packaging charge on each press shipped.
(Prices do not include shipping/handling charges. All prices subject to change.)

  • All presses come with a laser-inscribed name plate giving name and size of press, and the press number. Custom-crafted lasered name plates may be ordered reading "Custom Crafted for [name or dedication]" for an additional $25.00.
  • Presses are constructed of Eastern Ash, a hardwood also used for furniture, tool handles, and baseball bats.
  • Heirloom presses are "Signature" models and are made of solid Michigan or Kentucky White Ash throughout.
  • Some Marine grade White Birch hardwood plywood is used in the manufacture of the standard line of presses only.
  • All presses are sold complete. All you need to furnish are the juice collecting kettle, a funnel, dipper, hand-held strainer, containers, and, of course, apples.
  • These presses are hand-crafted to order. Some adjustments can be made to meet your needs if required.
  • We do not make kits. Completed presses may, however, be disassembled for later re-assembly.

Why buy a Correll press? Because they are the best - pure and simple.

CIDER PRESS LLC dba Correll Cider Presses
Mailing address: P.O. Box 400, Elmira, Oregon 97437
Physical address: 25865 Hwy. 126 #A109, Veneta, OR 97487
Phone: (541) 935-3500
Email: ciderdan@correllciderpresses.com

Cider press manufacturing by Robert V. Correll and Dan Correll

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