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Apple Peanut Salad

Pare, core, and chop slightly acid apples and mix them with half as much chopped celery. Mix a dressing of peanut butter using five tablespoons of lemon juice to one tablespoon of peanut butter. Mix dressing through the apples and celery, and season with salt and cayenne pepper. Chill the salad and serve on lettuce and garnish with peanuts.

Red Apple Salad
Make apple cups of bright red apples and put them into water containing a little lemon juice and set aside until time to fill them. Mix some of the apple pulp with celery, grapefruit carpels, and mayonnaise dressing and fill the apples. Garnish with red maraschino cherries that have been drained and stuffed with blanched hazelnuts. Serve on lettuce leaves with wafers which have been spread with cream cheese mixed with tomato catsup.

A New Apple Salad
Beat one-half a cup of double cream, a tablespoonful of lemon juice, and one-fourth of a teaspoonful of salt until firm throughout. Cook three apples cored and pared in a syrup of equal measures of sugar and water with two or three cloves and an inch of stick cinnamon, and set aside to become thoroughly chilled. Chop fine four maraschino or candied cherries and eight or ten pecan nut meats or blanched almonds. Wash three small heads of lettuce, remove the outer leaves, and cut the stalks so that the heads will stand level. Place the lettuce on plates with an apple in the center of each. Mix the nuts and cherries through the cream and pour it over the apples.

Apple Orange and Peach Salad
Select equal parts of apples, peaches, and oranges. Cut into cubes and mix with cream dressing. Serve in apple shells or in the rind of the oranges.

Apple and Nut Salad
Mix one pint of celery and one pint of apples cut into small match-like pieces with one-half pint of English walnut meats broken into small pieces. Dress with boiled salad dressing (see next below), and serve in apple cups or on lettuce leaves.

Cream Salad Dressing
Cook one-third cup of cream two slightly beaten yolks of egg two tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of lemon juice in a double boiler until as thick as soft custard. Add a pinch of salt and strain.

Salad Dressing Made With Butter
Cream two tablespoons of butter. To the beaten yolks of two eggs add one tablespoon of cold water, three tablespoons of tarragon vinegar, one-quarter of a teaspoon of salt, a dash of cayenne, and one-eighth of a teaspoon of mustard. Beat well and cook in a double boiler until very thick. Remove from the fire and stir in the creamed butter. When very cold, add two-thirds of a cup of whipped cream.

Apple Chicken Salad
Take six ripe apples and scoop out the centers. Fill them with cold cooked chicken, minced fine and seasoned with finely minced green peppers and salt, with enough cream to moisten. Place apples in a steamer and cook until almost tender. Put them on ice and serve with mayonnaise on lettuce.

Apple and Date Salad
Cut pared apples into tiny strips. Cut dates into similar pieces, using about one-fourth as much date as apple. To each pint of material add two tablespoonfuls of olive oil and turn the mixture over again. Let stand closely covered for half an hour. Turn into a bowl lined with lettuce leaves. Serve with bread and butter at luncheon or supper.

Apple and Banana Salad
Slice bananas and roll in lemon juice and sugar; mix with an equal amount of sliced apples. Serve with boiled dressing or with mayonnaise dressing.

Apple and Cabbage Salad
Shave cabbage fine and soak for one hour in celery water made by adding one teaspoon of celery salt to each quart of water. Drain and dry on a soft towel. Add an equal amount of apple cut into match-like pieces; mix with boiled dressing.

Apple and Celery Salad
Pare, core, and cut into three-eighths of an inch cubes mellow apples; mix with half the amount of celery cut into one-fourth inch slices; add a little salt and put into a salad bowl. Mix with mayonnaise dressing and serve on lettuce leaves or garnish with celery tops.

Apple and Cheese Salad
Mix chopped pecans with twice their bulk of cream cheese, adding a little thick cream to blend the mixture. Season with pepper and salt and make into tiny balls. Pare mellow tart apples. Core and slice across the center into rings about one-half inch thick. Arrange rings on lettuce leaves and place several cheese balls in the center. Serve with cream salad dressing.

German Apple Cup
Core fine-grained apples. Pare, except one ring around the center. Cut celery hearts fine; mix with mayonnaise dressing to which a little salt pepper and half the bulk of whipped cream has been added. Fill the cavities of the apples and round up a little. Set on heart-shaped lettuce leaves. If the apples must stand after being pared, rub lightly with a cut lemon to prevent discoloration

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