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Apple Varieties
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Ashmead´s Kernel
Cox Orange Pippin
Ginger Gold
Golden Delicious
Golden Russet
Granny Smith
Grimes Golden
Molly Delicious
Northern Spy
Pink Lady
Red Delicious
Roxbury Russet
Snow (Fameuse)
Swiss Gourmet (Arlet)

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Apple Variety Poll

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Nov. 18th- Several varieties that were getting write-ins are newly listed, and we have alphabetized the list.

The apple variety poll lets you vote for your favorite kind of apple. You can check up-to-the-minute results at any time by clicking on to the "view results" link at the end of the list. If the variety you want to vote for is not shown, you may give it a 'write in' vote by typing its name into the field at the bottom of the poll before you click the submit button.

The Selection of Varieties
The cultivars we selected to list in the poll represent the results of a somewhat arbitrary process. It is weighted toward varieties that are widely available and that have done well in our tests. If you have a favourite that isn't listed, take the time to give it a 'write in' vote. We will be monitoring the poll results and, should we find that a particular variety has gotten a lot of 'write ins,' we will add it to the list. Varieties which do not get votes will be removed from the list. We will make allowances for the season as we do this, since apples that have not yet come into harvest, and those that have gone out of season, will, of course, not be receiving many votes.

We could have set this up so that each user was allowed only one vote. We decided not to put that restriction on the poll, however, since participants may have a different favorite as the season progresses than they do now. To keep ballot box stuffing to a minimum, we request that you vote no more than once a week and that your vote reflects the variety actually being tried (during that week).

Credit to the Growers
When you submit your vote, you will be taken to a page that displays the results and has a place to submit your comments. This would be an good opportunity to let us know the name of the grower who supplies your apples so we can give them credit.

Editor's Choice
Go to the Editor's Choice page to see the results of our own testing from last year. To get back to this page, click on your browser's back button, or click on the "readers poll" link at the top left of the page.

Come on Back
To get back to this page from the results page, click on your browser's back button, or click on the "back to the poll" links at the top of the page.

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