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Cooking terminology can be confusing to the beginner. To help, we have compiled several charts and lists of information we hope you find useful.

Apple Equivalents
Pecks? Bushels? Pounds? How many apples do I need? It will vary from variety to variety and season to season. Here is a rough guide from Michigan State University to help estimate your needs for various recipes.

1 pound equals...
approximately 3 medium apples, or 2 cups sliced

3 pounds equals...
approximately 8-9 medium apples, or one 9 inch pie

1 peck equals...
approximately 10-12 pounds, or 32 medium apples, or 3-4 9 inch pies, or 7-9 quarts frozen, or 4 quarts canned

1 bushel equals...
approximately 42-48 pounds, or 126 medium apples, or 15 9 inch pies, or 30-36 pints frozen, or 16-20 quarts canned

Apple Nutrition Facts
( medium apple, fresh, raw, with skin )

Calories - 81Iron - .25 mg
Carbohydrate - 21 gramsSodium - 0.00 mg
Dietary Fiber - 4 gramsPotassium - 159 mg
Soluble Fiber Vitamin C - 8 mg
Insoluble fiber Vitamin A - 73 IU
Calcium - 10 mgFolate - 4 mcg
Phosphorus - 10 mg 

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