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Harvest August through mid-September
Season August- September
Quality juicy, tart and crisp, excellent quality, not the best keeper
Use fresh-eating
Akane is a newer variety that was developed in Japan. Round and bright red, it is an early apple with lively coloration and taste. It is not widely grown here, but should you see some in season don't hesitate to give them a try. It is juicy and crisp, tart and invigorating. The flavor is somewhat reminiscent of Jonathan.

Harvest late September
Season late September- mid October
Quality large, attractive, juicy and tender, fairly crisp
Use excellent cooking apple, good dessert apple
An old Russian variety, Alexander is a large, beautiful apple that is not as common as it once was. It is esteemed more for culinary use than as a fresh-eating apple, and is especially good for sauce. It is lightly scented and somewhat sweet. Not a very good keeper.

Arkansas Black
Harvest end of October into November
Season until April or later
Quality very crisp, juicy, firm flesh, flavor sharp, aromatic
Use excellent for fresh-eating and good for culinary use
Arkansas Black is one of the prettiest apples to look at with its deep red color and symmetrical shape. It keeps forever and the taste improves in storage. Not a bland apple, it is crisp, strongly flavored and aromatic.

Ashmead Kernel
Harvest October
Season October-January or later
Quality russeted yellowish fruit, very crisp and strongly flavored
Use award-winning dessert apple with very distinctive flavor
 Award Winner An old English dessert apple, Ashmead Kernel has dense, crisp flesh that is aromatic with intense flavor. This apple has won numerous taste tests over the years in England and in America, but it is much more strongly flavored than the apples most Americans are used to eating. It keeps very well.

Harvest late September- end of October
Season October - April
Quality medium to large red apple, sweet and crisp
Use good to very good as a fresh-eating and culinary variety
Baldwin may have been the most popular apple in America at the turn of the century. It is medium to large, red and attractive, with coarse, crisp flesh. It is juicy, sometimes very juicy, and can be a good to very good fresh-eating apple. It stores extremely well, and is a desirable variety for pies. It was once widely planted throughout New England, Ontario and Michigan. Today it is rare.

Harvest late September
Season late September through December
Quality large, russeted apple, tart, highly flavored
Use fresh-eating and cooking
 Award Winner Boskoop, or Belle de Boskoop, as it is also known, is a large yellowish russeted apple that is very popular in Europe as a cooking and fresh-eating apple. Boskoop is an apple that bites back and may be too strongly flavored for Americans who are used to a bland diet. It was discovered in Holland in the 1850's and has been grown here since at least the 1890's. It is firm and crisp, tart and somewhat dry, full flavoured, very aromatic and gets sweeter in storage. Boskoop does well in storage, keeping 3-4 months or more.

Harvest late August- September
Season August through September
Quality attractive, striped apple, juicy, good eating
Use fresh-eating, sauces, pie
A newer variety, Beacon is a cross between Wealthy and Malinda. A beautiful apple that has lively, juicy flavor and is good for baking, it does not keep extremely well.

Ben Davis
Harvest late September
Season late September into Spring
Quality coarse, dry
Use all purpose
One of the oldest American varieties, it was at one time widely planted in all parts of the country, especially the South. It is a consistent producer and ships and stores extremely well, and for those reasons was an important commercial apple before 1900.

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