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Snow (Fameuse)
Harvest September or October
Season September to December
Quality tender white flesh with a spicy refreshing flavor
Use fresh-eating, coooking, cider
A beautiful old variety that probably originated in Quebec, Snow is very similar to McIntosh, and many believe that it is an ancestor of the Mac. Snow is not an apple that can be grown profitably anymore, and there are many similar high-quality apples available, including of course, McIntosh. It is not a variety that we would hunt down to the ends of the earth, but when found it is an excellent eating apple with a lot of nostalgia and history behind it. In other words, don't blame the grower for giving up on Snow, and at the same time buy it if you find it. You won't be disappointed should you try it.

Harvest mid October
Season October through December
Quality brisk flavor and sweet aroma
Use fresh-eating
A distinctive eating apple with a loyal following, Spartan has a lot of good qualities inherited from its parents, McIntosh and Newtown Pippin. It features firm, crisp white flesh and a flavor that is described by many as "brisk".

Harvest late September on
Season September through December
Quality hard, very crisp, rich and nut-like flavor
Use fresh-eating, baking
 Award Winner Discovered in Esopus, New York in the late 1700's, Spitzenburg has long been considered the finest American dessert apple by many observers. This variety was grown by Thomas Jefferson and Washington Irving for home enjoyment. It has a distinctive flavor described as "nut-like', and in common with many older varieties, is hard, dense, and crisp with a rich, full flavor.

Harvest October
Season October to December
Quality firm texture, yellowish breaking flesh, tender
Use fresh-eating, baking
Tender, juicy flesh makes this Winesap offspring a good choice for fresh-eating and cooking.

Summer Treat
Harvest late August
Season August and September
Quality sweet, crisp
Use fresh-eating
Summer Treat is possibly the best sweet summer apple for fresh-eating. If you like a variety with a sweet, uncomplicated taste, Summer Treat is a good apple to start the season. Don't wait, as peak flavor for this variety doesn't last long.

Swiss Gourmet (Arlet)
Harvest September
Season September to December
Quality firm, slightly tart, sweet
Use fresh-eating
 Award Winner We were very favorably impressed with this variety last fall. It is hard and tart with just the right touch of sweetness. Arlet is a cross of Golden Delicious and Ida Red which was developed in Switzerland. It is being called "Swiss Gourmet" in this country and certainly qualifies as an example of the new high-quality gourmet varieties now gaining favor in America.

Tompkins King
Harvest late September into October
Season October through December
Quality coarse, rich, tender
Use fresh-eating, cooking
The "King of Tompkins County", as it is sometimes called, is best known as a cooking apple, but can also so be very interesting eaten fresh. It can be very rich and aromatic at its best. The flavor changes and improves in storage. Look for large, cheery apples with red striping. The skin can become slightly greasy to the touch. This in no way reflects on the quality of the contents and can be easil;y rinsed off with water.

Twenty Ounce
Harvest late September
Season September or October
Quality clean, refreshing, moderately tart
Use fresh-eating and cooking
This apple is uncomplicated with a mild, clean, fresh taste. It is one of the best mid season cooking apples. Look for large or very large, oblong fruit with red stripes on a greenish background. It typically has extensive peening on the skin, whick looks like hundreds of tiny little dents. This is normal. This is a very mild apple, which is accepted well by children.

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