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Variety Descriptions
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Comprehensive Apple Variety List
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Variety Parentage Color Season Description
Baldwin Massachusetts 1740 ? yellow skin covered with dark red and crimson Mid one-time leading commercial variety; yellowish-white flesh; firm, crisp, and juicy; keeps well
Bancroft McIntosh X Forest Red Late Quality fair when ripe, improves with storage. Exceptionally good keeper.
Bechtel Crab Malus ioensis open pollinated Green -- Important not for the fruit, but for its flowers, which are double-petaled and pink like miniature roses. Extremely sweet-smelling, perfuming the air when in blossom.
Belle de Boskoop Netherlands ? greenish yellow skin, blushed with red Mid large, flattened and regular in shape; excellent dessert apple; coarse, crisp, creamy flesh, with subacid flavor; cooks well; keeps well
Belmont Pennsylvania 1800's ? bright yellow Mid large, globular in shape; yellowish flesh, tender and mild-flavored
Ben Davis Southern US 1800's ? bright yellow mottled with dark and bright red blushing Mid once important commercial variety; keeps extremely well
Benham Tennessee late 1800's ? greenish-yellow with occasional red blush Early medium in size, roundish to slightly conical; yellowish, tender, juicy and fine-grained flesh' slow to brown; excellent for freezing or drying
Benoni Massachusetts around 1832 ? yellowish-orange mostly covered with bright red and deep carmine striping Early high-quality dessert apple; fine-grained, crisp and juicy flesh
Bentley's Sweet Virginia 1800 ? greenish-yellow with stripes and splashes of light and dark red Late fine-grained, crisp, firm, juicy, and very sweet flesh; keeps very well
Bevan's Favorite Salem, New Jersey 1842 ? greenish-yellow with broad red striping Early Old Southern US favorite; medium in size, slightly conical; crisp, moderately juicy, fine-grained flesh; not a good keeper
Bietigheimer Germany 1598 ? pale yellow to green with dark and light red striping Early large size, roundish to slightly conical shape; coarse tough flesh, considered a cooking apple; not a good keeper
Black Amish Pennsylvania ? varying shades of red Early large to very large size; yellowish crisp and fine-grained flesh
Black Gilliflower Connecticut 1700's ? dark red to purplish with faint red striping Late medium to large, distinctly conical or tapered in shape; greenish-white, firm, coarse, aromatic and moderately juicy flesh. Also known as "Sheepnose"
Blacktwig Winesap X ? greenish-yellow with dark red and indistinct dark red striping Mid Early American apple; medium to large; yellow, firm, and juicy flesh with a mild subacid flavor; good keeper
Blenheim Orange Oxfordshire, England 1740 ? dull greenish-yellow flushed with speckled reddish-orange Late large and somewhat flattened; creamy white, coarse, firm, and moderately juicy flesh
Blue Pearmain Old American, unknown Red Late Juicy, firm flesh. Will keep all winter.
Bramley's Seedling English 1700's ? greenish-yellow, light red striping Late very large; excellent baking apple; tangy, sharp flavor and outstanding cider-making qualities
Britemac Melba X Kildare Red, striped Mid Flesh white, juicy and crisp. Eating quality as good or better than McIntosh.
Brogden Alabama ca. 1945 ? mostly red Early fine flavored; large; suited for warm climates
Brown Apple Devon, England early 1900's ? dark red Mid vintage English cider apple, esteemed for its tangy, scented, fruity cider
Buckingham Virginia late 1700's ? yellow with dark red striping Early large and slightly conical; yellow, tender and juicy flesh; sprightly subacid flavor
Buff North Carolina 1850's ? light yellow, random red striping ? large, irregular-shaped; tender flesh; subacid flavor; favored for cooking, drying, and apple butter
Bullet Southern US 1800's ? greenish, dull red and gray stripes and streaks Very late medium sized; white and firm flesh; brisk flavor; excellent keeper
Buncombe North Carolina 1800's ? yellow skin covered with deep purplish-red Early to mid high quality dessert apple; medium to large and very oblong or conical; yellowish, tender, juicy and sweet flesh
Bunker Hill New York 1800's ? whitish-yellow splashed with two shades of red. Mid to late medium-sized, roundish conical in shape; white, tender, juicy and subacid flesh, sometimes with a red stain next to the skin; fine flavored apple
Burgundy Monroe X NY #18491 bright pink overlaid with dark burgundy Mid medium-sized, roundish conical in shape; white flesh, heavily stained with pink; sweet and crisp; very good dessert apple

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