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Variety Descriptions
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Comprehensive Apple Variety List
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Variety Parentage Color Season Description
Calville Blanc d'Hiver Europe 1500's ? pale green or yellow, light red blush Mid medium-sized, roundish conical in shape; yellowish-white, tender, highly aromatic flesh; high quality classic French dessert apple
Calvin Southern US ? yellow Early Medium to large; yellowish-white, tender, highly aromatic flesh; once highly popular as a cider and brandy apple, also for fresh eating
Cannon Pearmain 1800 American ? yellow, striped and marbled with dark red and crimson Late medium-sized; smooth skin; aromatic, crisp, firm yellow flesh; pleasant, brisk flavor; stores well until March
Carolina Pippin 1800 American ? yellow, striped with red Late large and round; firm and juicy flesh
Carolina Red June Tennessee early 1800's ? dark red Early oblong or conical; tender, fine-grained, white flesh, sometimes stained with red; high quality flavor; excellent for fresh eating and pie making
Carpentin France 1798 ? russeted, cinnamon colored, bright, shiny red blush Mid very juicy and crisp; distinctive flavor, reminiscent of licorice
Carter's Blue Alabama 1840's ? greenish-yellow , mostly covered with dull red, heavy bluish bloom Early medium to large; white, crisp and juicy flesh, very fragrant
Cathead England 1629 ? greenish-yellow Early very large round apple; Good for cooking and drying
Celestia US before 1869 ? pale green, blushed brownish, fine dots Mid very juicy and crisp; distinctive flavor; excellent dessert apple; exceptional old American variety, once near extinction, now being rescued by Southmeadow Fruit Gardens
Centennial Crab Dolgo X Wealthy Red-yellow Mid One of the best fresh eating crabs, second only to Chestnut Crab. An excellent ornamental and habitat tree. Strong grower.
Chandler Massachusetts early 1800's ? pale yellow, splashed and striped with dull red Late medium to large, roundish to slightly flattened; yellow, tender and juicy flesh
Chenango Strawberry Old American, Unknown Yellowish, red-striped Early-mid Beautiful fruit with an exaggerated "Delicious" shape. Excellent dessert quality. Annual bearer, ripening over long season.
Cherryville Black North Carolina ? greenish, covered with dull red, numerous red stripes Early medium sized; crisp and very juicy white flesh
Chesapeake 1958 open pollinated seedling of Red Rome highly colored red Early to mid medium-sized with a shape similar to Rome; crisp, juicy and flavorful white flesh
Chesney Tennessee ? greenish-yellow, red splashes and striping Mid to Late greenish-white, firm, crisp flesh; mild, sweet flavor; excellent keeper
Chestnut Crab Malinda X Crab Red-yellow, russeted Mid Delightfully sweet and good-tasting crabapple with white flowers. Vigorous grower.
Clara's Creek Apple Tennessee 1940 ? tan to greenish-yellow Early medium-sized; firm, crisp and quite sour flesh; excellent cooking apple
Claygate Pearmain English ? dull green, partially covered with a grayish-orange flush, overlaid with scaly russet coating Mid medium-sized; greenish-white, firm, crisp and juicy flesh; rich, nutty flavor
Coffey Seedling North Carolina before 1890 ? greenish-yellow, light red and bronze overtones, numerous fine, russeted dots Mid medium to large, distinctly lobed; rough textured skin; greenish-white. fine-grained and very juicy flesh; good keeper
Connell Red McIntosh X Longfield Red Late A deep red form of Fireside with a bit more tartness.
Cortland Ben Davis X McIntosh Red Mid to late Flesh white, slow to discolor on exposure to air. Good all-around apple, favored for cooking and cider. Annual bearer.
Cotton Sweet North Carolina before1858 ? white to pale yellow Early large, round to oblate; yellowish-white, very tender and very sweet flesh
Cox's Orange Pippin England 1830? greenish yellow, red stripes over orange blush Mid medium size, elliptical and oblate shape; yellow, firm, and moderately juicy flesh; excellent dessert quality
Dakota Gold Unknown; ND State Univ. intro Yellow Early Large fruit, good for fesh eating and culinary use
Cox's Orange Pippin Ribston Pippin X ? yellowish skin, attractive reddish-orange blush Mid originated in 1825 in England; medium sized; cream-colored, fine-grained, firm and juicy flesh; spicy, honeyed, nutty, pear-like rich, full flavor; highly aromatic; highest quality fresh eating dessert apple; good keeper
Crimson King English 1800's ? bright crimson Late excellent cooking and cider apple
Criterion Red Delicious X Yellow Delicious X Winter Banana ? bright crimson Mid to Late large, blocky fruit; mild, sweet taste flavor, touch of tartness; very pleasant aroma; fine cooking and drying qualities; stores well; discovered as a chance seedling in the late 60's near Parker, Washington
Crow Egg Massachusetts ? yellow, red shading Mid to Late medium sized, flattened shape; mild, sweet taste flavor, touch of tartness; very pleasant aroma; outstanding fresh eating apple; not the same apple as Black Gilliflower, which is sometimes called Crow Egg in the southern US
Cullasaga Horse X ? yellowish, with dark red and crimson splotches Late medium to large, tough skin; high quality; once widely grown in southern US

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