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Variety Descriptions
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Comprehensive Apple Variety List
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Variety Parentage Color Season Description
Dabinett Old English ? greenish-yellow Late small, very aromatic; English cider apple which arose in Martock, Somerset, England
Davey McIntosh
open pollinated
Red Mid to Late High quality fruit with distinctive flavor. Keeps all winter. Resistant to scab.
Deaderick Tennessee 1850 ? yellow, occasional pink blush and frequent large, reddish spots Mid large, slightly conical, sometimes with unequal sides; tough, smooth yellow skin; mild, yellowish, fine-grained, juicy flesh
Devine Southern US ? greenish-yellow skin, red stripes and splashes Early medium to large; greenish-white, fine-grained, and somewhat tart flesh
Disharoon Georgia 1855 ? light green skin covered with gray dots Early medium to large; yellowish-white, tender and juicy flesh; high quality dessert apple, very pleasant flavor
Dixie Red Delight Alabama early 1900's ? red Early sweet, crisp flavor; very good keeper
Doctor Matthews Tennessee ? yellow, red striping Early large, roundish conical; sweet; white, tender flesh; fair keeper
Domine Maryland 1830's ? yellowish, red mottling, slight russeting Late medium, flattened; Juicy and aromatic; good keeper
Dolgo Crab Siberian crab Red Mid to late Small, highly-flavored fruit, great for jelly. Classic "flowering crab" with early white blooms. Fireblight and scab resistant. 
Douglas Wormless Stone X Duchess Red-yellow Mid Resistant to tent caterpillar and scab. Good eating apple, keeps well.
Duchess Russian before 1817 ? Red striped, yellow blush Early to early-mid medium to large; smooth skin; whitish, tender, crisp and juicy flesh; excellent for cooking and fine for fresh eating; fair keeper
Dudley Duchess open pollinated Yellow with red stripes Mid Big, attractive. Makes great sauce and baked apple.
Dula Beauty North Carolina before 1900 ? dark-red, darker red stripes Late large and slightly conical; yellowish-white, tender, crisp and juicy flesh
Dunkerton Late Sweet English 1940's ? - Late English cider apple

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