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Variety Descriptions
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Comprehensive Apple Variety List
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Variety Parentage Color Season Description
Early Cortland Cortland X Lodi Green with red striping Early Fruit similar to Cortland, but tarter. Stores well for an early apple. Tree a vigorous grower. 
Early Harvest New York 1700's ? pale yellow Early medium; smooth skin; tender white flesh, crisp and juicy, brisk, tangy flavor
Early Joe New York 1800 ? greenish-yellow, striped and splashed with dark red Early medium-sized, slightly conical; thin skin; yellowish-white, tender, juicy flesh; very flavorful
Early McIntosh McIntosh X Yellow Transparent Yellow, red striped Early-mid White, tender flesh with pleasant flavor. Good for home and local markets.
Early Redbird New Brunswick 1880 ? red and crimson-striped Very early medium-sized; soft, juicy white flesh, stained with red; excellent for sauce; once popular as a fried apple served for breakfast
Early Strawberry New York 1838 ? light greenish-yellow with fine stripes and splashes of bright red Early medium sized and often has unequal sides; smooth, thick skin; tender, crisp, juicy white flesh, stained with red
Eastman Sweet Old native, Unknown Red, striped Late Attractive fruit with rich, sweet, yellowish flesh. Tree bears heavily and is long-lived.
Egremont Russet Old English Yellow resset Late Small, very high quality. Good for cider. Like all russets, this is a good keeper.
Elstar Golden Delicious x Ingrid Marie orange-red with a yellow undercolor Mid large size, round to conical shape; firm, yellowish white, aromatic, tart to subacid flavor
Empire McIntosh X Red Delicious Red Late-mid medium sized, slightly conical; aromatic; creamy white, crisp, sweet, and juicy flesh; clean, sweet flavor; grown by many commercial orchards; good for cider
Empress Jonamac X Vista Bella Blushed red, 
waxy bloom
Mid Introduced by the NYS Expt. Stn. at Geneva in 1988, a medium sized, round, firm fruit with light yellow flesh, subacid flavor and pleasant aroma.
Esopus Spitzenburg New York 1800's ? bright red skin mixed with splashes of orange Early to mid medium sized; crisp, yellow, aromatic flesh; excellent dessert apple
Fallawater Pennsylvania before 1842 ? dull green shaded with red and bronze Late large to very large; greenish white, tender, coarse and juicy flesh; good keeper
Fall Pippin American early 1800's ? clear yellow skin Early large, somewhat oblong; white, tinged with yellow and tender, juicy and aromatic flesh
Fall Wine New York 1832 ? clear yellow skin marbled with rich red and specks of brownish-red Early medium; yellow flesh, tender and sweet
Fanny Pennsylvania before 1869 ? yellow, mostly covered with crimson and darker red stripes Early medium to large and slightly ribbed; thin, smooth skin; yellowish-white flesh with red staining
Foust North Carolina ? bright yellow, thick white bloom Late medium to large; thin, smooth skin; yellow flesh is tender, aromatic, and somewhat dry-textured
Fireside McIntosh X Longfield Red, striped Late A very excellent dessert apple. A good keeper and resistant to cedar-apple rust.
Freedom (Macoun x Antonovka) X NY49821-46 Red, striped Late A good quality fresh-eating, cider and cooking apple. Keeps well in storage. Tree vigorous and disease resistant. (Plant patent #5723.)
Gala Kidd's Orange Red X Golden Delicious orange-red stripes over creamy yellow Mid medium to large; sweet, subacid, aromatic, crisp and granular; 1965 introduction from New Zealand
Garfield King seedling of 
Yellow Transparent
Yellow Early Found growing near Fort Kent, ME. A very hardy tree that is a thrifty grower and hardens off early for winter. Brought to our attention by Garfield King.
George Webster Unknown Yellow-red Late A large late-winter keeper. Good culinary apple.
Ginger Gold Virginia 1980 ? yellowish-green Early medium size, conical in shape; yellowish white, firm, crisp, and juicy flesh
Gloria Mundi US before 1800 ? greenish-yellow, faint, bronze blush Late large to very large, roundish, sides often unequal; greenish-yellow, coarse, moderately crisp and quite acidic flesh
Golden Delicious Grimes Golden X Golden Reinette ? golden yellow, occasional russet patches Late large, conic to round; smooth skin; crisp, clean juicy yellow flesh; sweet and mild flavor; famous variety from West Virginia, ca. 1912
Golden Pearmain before 1800 ? golden-orange, marbled and striped with red and bronze Mid to Late medium-sized, somewhat conical; fine-grained, yellow, firm, crisp and juicy flesh; fair keeper
Golden Russet English Russet seedling Yellow russet  Late Yields the best-flavored cider. Hard fruit, stores all winter. When using for cider, mix with juicy varieties to get a good blend of flavor and volume.
Golden Sweet Connecticut ? yellow Early medium to large; thin, smooth waxy skin; yellow, firm, juicy, and aromatic flesh; extraordinarily sweet
Goodland Patten Greening 
open pollinated
Red, yellow Early to early-mid Flesh crisp, juicy and tender, makes delicious aromatic sauce and is also an excellent eating apple. Productive, annual bearer.
Gragg North Carolina 1860 ? greenish-yellow, dark and bright red stripes and shading Mid to Late medium, conical; thin, smooth waxy skin; greenish, tough and juicy flesh; fine cooking qualities; excellent keeper
Granny Smith Australia 1868 ? dark to pale green, distinctive whitish dots Late medium-sized; crisp, firm, and juicy flesh; fine cooking qualities; excellent for applesauce and apple juice; good keeper
Green Pippin Indiana 1800's ? green skin to greenish-yellow Early to Mid large, roundish; white aromatic, tender and juicy flesh; good keeper
Grimes Golden West Virginia 1790 ? yellow, occasional patches of russet Mid medium to large, roundish to slightly oblong; tough skin; aromatic, highly flavored; tender, crisp, juicy yellowish-orange flesh; good keeper

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