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Variety Descriptions
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Comprehensive Apple Variety List
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Variety Parentage Color Season Description
Haas Missouri 1800's ? yellow, mottled and washed with bright red and carmine Mid medium to large, somewhat ribbed; smooth skin; aromatic, firm, juicy, aromatic white flesh, often stained with red
Hackworth Georgia early 1900's ? yellow, with a few red stripes and splashes Early medium; yellow, granular, and aromatic flesh
Hadlock Reinette McIntosh X 
Golden Russet
Bronze Late Juicy, flavorful. Flesh firm and fine textured. Good for eating or cider. Similar to Golden Russet.
Haralred Red selection of Haralson Bright red Mid to Late Fruit firm with white flesh, a bit sweeter than Haralson. Good keeper. Some resistance to fireblight.
Haralson Malinda X Ben Davis Yellow and red, striped Late-mid to Late Vigorous and productive tree. Firm, white flesh. Mild, pleasant taste; good for cooking and cider. Moderate resistance to fireblight.
Harry Masters Jersey England late 1800's ? dark red Late vintage, bittersweet cider apple, produces sweet, medium tannin juice; makes very high quality cider with soft astringency
England before 1629 ? yellowish-green, reddish-brown blush Mid to late large, oblong-conical and occasionally irregular or lop-sided; slightly textured skin; creamy white, firm, dry and fine-grained flesh; rather acid flavor
Hawkeye Delicious (Red Delicious) Iowa 1870 ? yellow, red shading and striping Mid to late medium to large; smooth clear skin; yellowish, fine-grained, crisp, and juicy flesh; Red Delicious is a sport of this immensely more flavorful variety
Hawley New York 1750 ? pale green, turning to deep yellow, scattered russet dots and flecks Mid large and roundish, some ribbing; thin, smooth, waxy skin; fine-grained, juicy, and very soft and tender flesh
Hazen Duchess X Starking Delicious Red Early to early-mid Produces a naturally semi-dwarfed tree. Pleasant taste, flesh firm juicy, slightly coarse grained. Similar to Beacon.
Henry Clay Unknown Yellow, red Mid Stark offered this in the 1900's. Fruit is similar to Yellow Transparent.
Hewe's Crab Virginia before 1817 ? dark green covered with dull, purplish red and numerous large white dots Mid to late very small (1 inches diameter); firm, crisp, astringent and quite acid flesh; produces a clear, dry cider; good keeper
Heyer 12 Russian Greenish yellow Early to early-mid Super-hardy. Fruit medium size, juicy, acid and moderately coarse. Quite good for sauce and pies. Tree very vigorous; does well where few other varieties survive. Bears at a young age.
Hiburnal Old Russian Yellow, striped Mid A huge, somewhat astringent apple, said to be good dried. The tree is useful for top-working as it imparts some hardiness to tender varieties.
Hightop Sweet New England 1600's ? greenish-yellow, occasional red blush Early smooth skin; tender, dry, and very sweet, yellow flesh
Holland Texas 1923 ? red - large, red, flavorful apple;once an important commercial variety in Texas
Hollow Log North Carolina before 1920 ? deep yellow Early tender, crisp, very juicy; delicious, aromatic, spicy flavor
Honey Cider Virginia ? pale yellow flushed with light pink Early medium-sized; firm, juicy and very sweet flesh
Honeycrisp Macoun X Honeygold Red/Yellow Late mid A sweet, exceptionally crisp-textured apple rated superior to McIntosh and Delicious for fresh eating. Excellent keeper.
Honeygold Haralson X Golden Delicious Yellow Late The north's answer to Yellow Delicious. Flavor similar, superior storage qualities.
Hoover South Carolina early to mid 1800's ? dark-red Mid to late large and slightly conical; firm, tender yellowish flesh; very good keeper
Horse North Carolina 1800's ? golden yellow Early medium to large, slightly ribbed; firm, yellow, juicy and quite tart flesh; once immensely popular for home uses, including fresh eating, cooking, drying and cider and vinegar making
Hubbardston's Nonesuch Massachusetts early 1800's ? yellow blushed with reddish-brown, dark red striping Late medium to large; aromatic, tender, juicy, and sweet yellow flesh; excellent dessert apple
Hunge North Carolina 1700's ? light green covered with dark red, overlaid with fine russet coat Early to Mid large; crisp, juicy, and aromatic flesh; pleasant winey flavor
Huntsman Missouri 1850 ? deep yellow , occasional orangish-red blush, large, dark, distinct dots Early to Mid large, somewhat roundish, unequal sides; firm, yellow, juicy, aromatic and very flavorful flesh; fairly good keeper
Husk Spice North Carolina 1980's ? yellow with a reddish blush Mid to late small to medium; spicy flavor; good fresh-eating and pie apple
Hyslop Crab Seedling Red to dark red Mid to late Yellow-fleshed red crab, good for culinary purposes.
Idared Wagener x Jonathan pale burgundy red over green Mid medium to large, round, oblate, and ribbed; white, firm, crisp, juicy flesh, with a pleasant subacid flavor
Ingram Missouri 1850's ? yellow streaked with red and crimson Mid to late medium to large; tough-skinned; firm, white, juicy flesh
Iowa Beauty Unknown; Patten introduction Yellow and red Early A high quality culinary/dessert apple. Very juicy with a sweet tang; the core becomes pink sugar when overripe.
Irish Peach Ireland before 1820 ? pale yellow covered with brownish-orange mottling with broad stripes of milky crimson Early medium sized, conspicuous broad ribs,angular appearance; creamy white flesh, soft, very aromatic and fairly juicy; fine quality dessert apple

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