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Variety Descriptions
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Comprehensive Apple Variety List
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Variety Parentage Color Season Description
Jake's Seedling Kentucky ? yellowish with a red blush Early medium, slightly conical and somewhat flattened on the ends; greenish-white flesh is crisp, fine-grained and juicy
Jefferis Pennsylvania 1840's ? yellow overlaid with dark reddish-orange Early medium or smaller; yellowish-white, tender, crisp, and very juicy flesh
Jenner Sweet Fameuse X crab Yellow, red stripes Early-mid Good flavored, sweet apple. Similar to Fameuse.
JerseyMac NJ-24 x July Red bright pinkish-red blush over green ground color Early medium size, is oblate shape; greenish white to white flesh, moderately firm and juicy; released by the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station in 1971
Jonagold Golden Delicious x Jonathan light yellow, extensive bright red overlay Mid medium to large, round to conical, faint hint of ribs; flesh cream-colored, juicy, firm, crisp, fine-textured; subacid, almost aromatic, rich, honeyed; award-winning dessert apple
Jonamac Jonathan X McIntosh Red Late Attractive, firm fruit with flavor similar to McIntosh; fruit hangs well on tree.
Jonathan New York 1826 ? yellow, almost covered with dark red Mid medium-sized; thin, tough skin; important commercial apple; good keeper
Jordan Russet Unknown Yellow russet with red blush Late-mid to late Juicy, hard, excellent keeper. Makes delicious cider.
Josh North Carolina mid-1800's ? green and red - small-sized
Joyce McIntosh X Liveland Raspberry Yellow, washed crimson Mid to late-mid Juicy, white-fleshed, aromatic. Somewhat similar to McIntosh.
Junaluska North Carolina before 1800 ? dull yellow, raised russet patches, occasional greenish spots, pale red flush on the sunny side Mid large to very large, distinctive irregular globular form; tender yellow flesh, juicy and rich, pleasant subacid flavor; good keeper
June Sweeting Pennsylvania before 1878 ? greenish-yellow, striped and shaded with dull red Early medium, roundish to slightly oblate; moderately juicy, rich, pleasant and sweet
Kathryn's Favorite Unknown Yellow with
red wash & stripes
Mid A rich-flavored, sweet and spicy apple excellent for fresh eating. Keeps well.
Keepsake Malinda X Northern Spy Red Late Very high dessert quality. Excellent keeper.
Kerr Apple-crab Dolgo X Haralson Red Mid One of the very best apple-crabs. Stores well, good fresh after a mellowing period, very productive.
King Luscious North Carolina 1935 ? greenish-yellow covered with deep red and overlaid with darker red striping Mid to late yellowish-white, fine-grained, crisp and juicy flesh
King David Arkansas 1893 ? pale green overlaid with deep red and dark red stripes Late medium to large, rounded and often ribbed at the stem end; crisp, firm and juicy yellow flesh
King of Pippin England before 1800 ? golden yellow with a reddish-orange blush and prominent red striping Late small (around 2" in diameter), oblong-conical in shape and sometimes lopsided; creamy white flesh is fine-grained and juicy; almond-like or nutty taste
King Solomon Georgia before 1860 ? yellowish-orange, stripes and splashes of red Early medium-sized; coarse yellow flesh; tender, juicy and flavorful
Kinnaird's Choice Tennessee 1855 Limbertwig x Winesap ? yellow skin almost completely covered with deep red Mid large and roundish; yellow, fine-grained aromatic flesh
Knobbed Russet England 1819 ? green and yellow, occasional scarlet streaks Mid large and roundish; irregular, uneven surface is overlaid with rough gray and black russet and distinctive welts and knobs; soft and sweet creamy flesh is fine-grained with a sweet flavor; looks more like a potato than an apple
Kola Crab Elk River x Dutchess Green Late-mid Primarily used as an ornamental, this tree matures to a large, rounded shape. It has maple-shaped leaves which turn a beautiful red in the Fall, and yields a large green crabapple..
Lacy North Carolina 1800's ? greenish-yellow, blushed and striped with red Early medium or smaller; sweet flesh is tender, fine-grained and juicy
Lady ? bright red Late very small, slightly flattened; crisp, juicy, white flesh; wonderful flavor, highly aromatic; famous old apple dating back hundreds of years
Lady Sweet New York 1845 ? yellow overspread with bright red and splashed with carmine, pale, russeted dots Late medium to large; firm white flesh, tender, crisp, and very sweet; distinctive, pleasing aroma
Late Strawberry New York 1848 ? pale yellow nearly covered with pinkish-red and purplish-carmine striping Mid medium or larger, often strongly ribbed; yellowish-white flesh, fine-grained, crisp, tender, and juicy; one of the best dessert apples
Lawver Missouri 1860's ? bright red darkening to purplish at the base Mid medium or larger; thin somewhat waxy skin; greenish-yellow, hard, breaking, and aromatic flesh; excellent keeper; good cooking apple
Leafland Greening Unknown Green/Yellow Mid Green cooking apple especially nice for pies, cobblers, etc.
Lewis Green North Carolina before 1877 ? greenish-yellow , slight red blush, numerous dark russet dots Early large; greenish-white, tender, and juicy flesh
Liberty Macoun X Perdue 54-12 Deep Red Late New variety. Juicy, fine-textured white flesh with good flavor. Resistant to scab, fireblight, cedar apple rust, and mildew.
Liveland Raspberry Early Russian Yellow with blush Early Large, round and tender white-fleshed fruit.
Lobo McIntosh
open pollinated
Red Early-mid Large apple of good quality which sells well at roadside stands. Tree bears at a young age.
Lodi Montgomery X Yellow Transparent Yellow Early Very similar to Yellow Transparent, but is larger and stores better.
Lowell ? greenish, ripens to a rich yellow Early to mid large; greenish-yellow, firm, crisp, and very juicy flesh
Lowry Virginia 1850 ? dark mahogany-red, distinctive whitish dots Early to mid medium size; yellowish flesh, crisp and juicy; good keeper
Lugar Red Virginia ? yellow covered with red stripes, gray and white dots Early to mid medium size; yellowish flesh, crisp and flavorful and slightly subacid

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