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Variety Descriptions
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Comprehensive Apple Variety List
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Variety Parentage Color Season Description
Macfree McIntosh sport Red Mid A new, disease-resistant variation of McIntosh
Macoun McIntosh x Jersey Black dark red Mid medium-sized; white flesh; coarse, rich flavor, excellent dessert apple
Macspur McIntosh sport Red Mid A spur-type McIntosh with heavier yields.
Magnum Bonum North Carolina 1828 ? yellow covered in light red and darker red streaks, numerous white dots Mid medium or smaller size; fine-grained, aromatic white flesh stained with red; once a very popular commercial variety in Virginia
Magog Redstreak Unknown Yellow,
red streaked
Mid A large apple good for sauce, baking and fresh eating. Not a storage apple.
Maiden Blush New Jersey 1817 ? smooth, pale waxen yellow skin with a crimson blush Early to mid medium to large size; fine white flesh is crisp, tender, very juicy, and very tart
Mandan Duchess X Starking Delicious Red Mid Firm yellowish flesh, juicy and good eating. Tree has considerable resistance to fireblight.
Manitoba Dutchess X Tolman Sweet Yellow with scarlet blush Late Fine-grained melting white flesh with spicy flavor, very good cooking quality. A vigorous grower.
Mann New York 1850 ? greenish to deep yellow, sometimes lightly covered with patches of russet Late medium to large size; yellow, firm, and juicy flesh
Margaret England ? greenish to deep yellow, sometimes lightly covered with patches of russet Early small to medium size, oblong to slightly conical shape; crisp, white flesh is tender, juicy
Marlin Stephens Unknown, Lawyer Intro., Montana Red and yellow Mid Large, juicy, good for dessert or culinary use. 
Mary McKinney North Carolina ? red striping - medium size
Mattamuskeet North Carolina ? greenish-yellow and covered with dull purplish or rusty overtones - medium-sized, slightly conical or irregular in shape; dull yellow, firm, juicy, and acid flesh; mellows in storage
May Apple ? pale yellow, slight reddish blush Very early small sized; tender white flesh is juicy and quite tart; could be White Juneating, believed to have originated in Europe during the Middle Ages
McIntosh Fameuse X Detroit Red Red, striped Mid The Standard for comparison. White, juicy flesh, tender skin. Large fruit.
Medaille d'Or France 1800's ? orange and yellow, russet coating Very late outstanding cider qualities; bittersweet fruit produces sweet, astringent juice, high in tannins; creates cider with high alcohol content and a strong, fruity flavor
Melba McIntosh X Liveland Raspberry Yellow washed
with crimson
Early thru mid Attractive, high quality fruit. Tree is productive and bears at a young age. Silver medal winner by American Pomological Society.
Melrose Jonathan X Red Delicious greenish-yellow, dull copper-red blush, occasional russeting Late medium to large, irregular in shape and sometimes ribbed; creamy, green-tinged flesh, firm and crisp; commercial variety with brisk, fresh, sweet flavor
Michelin Normandy 1872 ? pale green Late small; produces sweet juice resulting in a clean, bittersweet cider
Milam US before 1902 ? greenish-yellow overlaid with light red, much darker red when exposed to the sun Mid small; greenish-white flesh, tender, crisp, juicy and somewhat coarse; excellent keeper
Milo Gibson Unknown Red, yellow Mid A fine-tasting apple with unique licorice flavor. 
Minnesota 1734 Unknown Bronze russet Late Small fruit is hard, yellow-fleshed, and richly flavored. Makes excellent tasting cider. Annual producer of heavy crops. Keeps all winter in storage.
Missouri Pippin Missouri 1854 ? greenish-yellow mostly covered with dark and light red stripes and shading Late medium to large, roundish to conical and flattened on the ends; yellowish-white flesh, firm, coarse and breaking; good keeper
Montreal Beauty Crab Wild Crab Seedling Yellow-green spashed red Mid White flowering crabwith oblong fruit up to 1 inch in diameter, usable for jams and jellies.
Mother Massachusetts 1800's ? golden yellow, red splashes and striping Mid to late medium, slightly oblong; yellow, fine-grained, tender and juicy flesh; pleasant aroma
Mountain Boomer Virginia before 1900 ? pale greenish-yellow, occasional red blush Early to mid large to very large; yellow, firm, juicy flesh; excellent cooking and baking apple
Mrs. Bryan Georgia mid-1800's ? greenish-yellow, orangish-red blush, occasional light red stripes Early large, roundish to conical; creamy white flesh is tender, coarse and somewhat dry
Munson's Sweet Massachusetts before 1849 ? golden-yellow, occasional red blush Mid to late medium-sized; smooth, but thick, tough skin; yellow-tinged flesh, fine-grained, tender, juicy and very sweet
Mutsu Golden Delicious x Indo greenish ripening to yellow Mid large; flesh is cream colored; coarse, very juicy, white to cream colored flesh; excellent fresh eating variety; 1948 introduction from Japan
Newtown Pippin New York early 1800's ? green to yellow Late large-sized; yellowish flesh is firm, crisp, and very aromatic; good keeper; there is also a Yellow Newtown strain, popular in the south
Newtosh McIntosh X Yellow Newtown Red striped Late mid Tree produces a high percentage of extra-fancy fruits. Skin similar to McIntosh; flesh like Yellow Newtown, the latter given a "best" rating in Beach's Apples of New York.
Niagara Carlton X McIntosh Red Early to mid Exceptionally vigorous grower. Fruit similar to McIntosh, with high dessert quality.
Nickajack North Carolina 1800's ? greenish-yellow, shaded with dark red Late medium to large; yellowish, firm and juicy flesh; brisk subacid flavor; good keeper
Noble Crab X McIntosh Yellow overlaid with red blush Mid This tree has traits of ornamental crab, but yields a good-tasting, white-fleshed fruit that is 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Suitable for fresh eating or culinary use.
Norfolk Beefing England before 1840 ? greenish-yellow, dull red coating, faintly striped Late medium to large; greenish-white flesh, crisp and juicy; sweetens in storage; good keeper; used primarily for cooking and drying
Northern Lights Haralson X McIntosh Blushed red over yellow, some striping Mid New joint release of NY and ND research stations. High quality dessert apple with a tart McIntosh flavor.
Northern Spy New York 1800 ? green and dark red Mid to late large, roundish fruit; clean, white flesh, fine-grained, tender, crisp and juicy; spicy, aromatic flavor; good keeper; excellent cooker
Northwestern Greening Golden Russet x Alexander green to yellowish green Mid large to very large size, conical and slightly ribbed; greenish yellow and firm, but not crisp and juicy; cooking variety
Nova EasyGro Spartan X Prog. 565 Red, yellow Mid New scab-resistant variety introduced by the Canadian Dept of Agriculture. White-fleshed, good for cooking and eating; fair keeper.

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