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Variety Descriptions
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Comprehensive Apple Variety List
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Variety Parentage Color Season Description
Oliver Arkansas early 1800's ? yellow, rich-red ovetones and streaks of darker red, conspicuous light colored dots Mid to late medium size; thick, smooth, glossy skin; yellowish flesh, fine-grained and juicy; excellent keeper; Stark Brothers Nursery sold this apple under the trademarked name, Senator, starting in 1895
Oriole Yellow Transparent X Liveland Raspberry Yellow, striped red Early An excellent quality dessert or cooking apple
Orleans Reinette France ca. 1776 ? russeted greenish yellow Late large, round, flat shape; flesh is cream colored; dense texture, juicy with exceptional flavor
Ortley New Jersey 1800's ? greasy yellow skin, occasionally a fine red blush Mid to late medium to large, conical; creamy white flesh, tender and juicy
Ozark Gold A1291 X Golden Delicious bright yellow, red blush Mid large to very large; developed at the Missouri State Agricultural Experimental Station and introduced in 1970
Parkland Rescue X Melba Red Early Similar to Norland but keeps better. Small fruit on a compact tree. Good for fresh eating and cooking.
Park's Pippin Georgia 1850 ? greenish-yellow, red blush Late large; makes outstanding apple butter, jelly and cider; excellent keeper
Parmar Virginia 1700's ? deep yellow, irregular patches of russet Early small to medium, conical-shaped; dark yellow flesh is fine-grained, crisp, and subacid; once popular for applesauce and apple brandy
Patterson Columbia Crab X Melba Greenish-yellow, blushed Mid Flavor very mild; good quality for eating and culinary use. Keeps well. Hardy in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Paula Red Michigan 1960 ? solid red Early-mid A very white-fleshed, juicy apple of good all-purpose quality.
Peace Garden Malinda X Dutchess Red, striped Late Juicy, excellent keeper, hangs well on tree.
Peck's Pleasant Rhode Island early 1800's ? mostly green, becomes clear yellow with a blush after ripening Mid medium to large with a variable shape, often with a distinctive furrow on one side; aromatic yellow flesh is firm, tender, and juicy
Pewaukee Duchess X N. Spy Yellow with red streaking Late-mid to Late Medium/large apple with firm white flesh, coarse and juicy. Good fresh eating and cooking. Keeps well.
Pierce Pasture Bethel X Alexander Red Striped Late-mid to Late Very large apple with coarse yellowish flesh, excellent flavor. Keeps well in storage. Good for fresh eating, cider, and cooking.
Pilot Virginia 1830 ? pale yellow, heavily striped and shaded with dull red Mid large, roundish to oblate; yellow flesh, fine-grained, firm, tender and juicy, slightly aromatic; excellent keeper
Pink Lady® (Cripps Pink ) Golden Delicious X Lady Williams Attractive pink blush over yellow undertone Late medium to large, asymmetric or oblong; ribbing, or bumpy skin; crisp with dense flesh; firm, cream colored flesh resists browning; sweet-tart flavor; introduced by the Western Australian Department of Agriculture in 1979
Pink Pearl California 1944 ? creamy pale green Early medium-sized, distinctive conical shape; bright pink flesh; crisp, fine-grained and aromatic with a delicious sweet-tart flavor
Pitmaston Pineapple England 1785 ? rich yellow overlaid with a fine tawny russet Mid small, conical shape; creamy-yellow flesh is tender and juicy with a rich, sugary flavor; very fine dessert apple
Polly Eades Kentucky 1884 ? deep yellow, red blush Early medium to large, slightly conical; yellowish flesh, juicy, tender, aromatic, rather tart
Pomme Gris ? greenish-yellow covered with brownish russet Early medium to small; thick, tough skin; rich, juicy yellow flesh; firm, crisp, and aromatic; excellent dessert apple
Porter Massachusetts 1800 ? greenish-yellow, reddish-orange blush, sometimes with crimson red spots Early to mid small to large, roundish to slightly oblong or conical; thin, smooth skin; yellow, fine-grained, juicy and aromatic; excellent cooking apple
Prairie Spy Unknown Yellow with red wash and stripes Late Large fruit, crisp & juicy with excellent flavor which develops and improves while in storage. Keeps until Spring
Priestly Pennsylvania before 1817 ? red and darker red stripes Late medium to large; yellowish-white flesh, firm, coarse and very juicy; excellent keeper
Primate New York 1840 ? yellow blushed with red Early to mid medium-sized, ribbed; tender white flesh, aromatic, crisp, and juicy
Priscilla Starking X Purdue 610-2 deep red Late medium sized, roundish-conical; cream-colored flesh, tender, juicy, and sweet; bred and developed through a cooperative program of Purdue, Rutgers and Illinois Universities, introduced 1972
Pumpkin Sweet Connecticut 1800's ? clear yellow, brownish-red blush Late large to very large; tough, smooth, skin; yellow flesh, firm, crisp, juicy, and very sweet; esteemed for canning
Purdy Old Russian yellow-red, blushed Mid to late large apple with tart but pleasant flavor; ripen over a long season and, if left, will hang on the tree into November
Puritan McIntosh X Red Astrachan Red Early-mid White flesh, good flavor, somewhat tart, McIntosh-type. Tree has good structure, tends to bear biennially.
Quebec Belle Northern Spy open pollinated Red Mid Resembles Delicious in appearance and Northern Spy in quality. Keeps well.
Quinte Crimson Beauty X Red Melba Yellow, heavy red blush Early Earliest good eating apple. Cream-colored flesh, very tender. Annual bearer of heavy crops; tree very strong grower, requires pruning.

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