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Variety Descriptions
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Comprehensive Apple Variety List
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Variety Parentage Color Season Description
Ralls Janet France before 1800 ? greenish-yellow, covered with pinkish red, dark red striping Late medium to large; yellowish flesh, fine-grained, crisp and juicy; excellent keeper
Ramsdell Sweet Connecticut 1838 ? yellow skin nearly covered with dark red and darker red striping Mid medium to large, conical to rectangular; yellowish-white flesh, firm, tender and very sweet
Rattle Core North Carolina ? greenish-yellow, thinly striped with red Mid medium or smaller; white flesh, tender, juicy
Rebel Virginia 1850 ? deep red, faint red striping Mid medium to large
Redant Antonovka open-pollinated Yellow washed red  Mid-late Originating in Morden, Manitoba. A large, white-fleshed, sweet, mild apple good for fresh eating and cooking. Keeps well in storage.
Red Astrachan Russia before 1870 pale yellow covered with bright red and crimson splashes and stripes Early white flesh is often tinged with red streaks; coarse, crisp, moderately juicy and briskly subacid in flavor; beautiful appearance; can be used for cooking before fully ripe; good quality eating when ripe
Red Baron Golden Delicious X Daniels Red Duchess Yellow, red blush Mid Flesh crisp and juicy, good for fresh eating, pies and sauce. Stores well. Tree is tolerant to fireblight. Bears at a young age.
Red Esther Unknown, a.k.a. Lawyer Nutmeg Red-yellow Mid An aromatic crisp apple with a unique flavor. Keeps well.
Redhook Carlton X McIntosh Deep red Late-mid Flesh white or cream, with outer half pink when fully ripe. Very good eating apple. Not for processing.
Red June Unknown Red Early to Late A small juicy white-fleshed apple of good quality. Ripens over a long period.
Red Reese Alabama 1911 ? greenish-yellow splashed with red Mid medium-sized, roundish conical, irregular shape
Redstone Canyon Gold Colorado ? yellow Mid very high quality for eating or cooking
Redwell Scott Winter open pollinated Red over yellow Late Cream-colored mild flesh; good for eating, baking and sauce. Keeps until January in storage. Tree has strong framework and bears annually.
Red Reese Alabama 1911 ? greenish-yellow splashed with red Mid medium-sized, roundish conical, irregular shape
Regent Red Duchess X Delicious bright red over yellow Late very juicy; flavor as good or better than Red Delicious; high dessert quality does not diminish in storage
Rescue Apple-crab Seedling of Blushed Calville yellow, red stripe or wash Early very hardy Canadian apple-crab of good quality; favorite with Alaskan growers; flesh yellowish with sweet flavor
Reverend Morgan Texas 1965 ? rich pinkish-red Early medium to large, roundish-conical
Rhode Island Greening Rhode Island 1650 ? dark, waxy green skin turns a greenish-yellow when fully ripe Mid large, uniformly round in shape, flattened on the ends; fine-grained yellow flesh is tender, crisp, juicy and quite tart; one of the best cooking apples; excellent keeper
Ribston Pippin England 1688 ? greenish-yellow flushed with brownish-orange and numerous red stripes Mid medium to large, unequally large ribs, irregular shape; pale yellow, rich, firm, and juicy flesh; highly esteemed dessert apple
Richardson St. Lawrence X Duchess red Mid rich mellow flavor, white flesh
Roman Stem New Jersey before 1817 ? whitish yellow, slight brown flush, small dark russet patches Mid medium to large, unequally large ribs, irregular shape; tender yellow flesh is mild and juicy; rich, spicy and aromatic flavor
Roxbury Russet Massachusetts before 1700 ? dull greenish-yellow, rough, brownish-yellow russet coat Mid medium to large; greenish-white flesh, coarse, firm and juicy; pleasing, brisk flavor; very good keeper
Royalty Crab Saskatchewan ? red Late ornamental with deep red leaves, flowers and fruitf; fruit not useful.
Rusty Coat Southern US ? greenish-yellow, indistinct red striping, heavy, coarse russet coat Mid small to medium; crisp, tender and sweet

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