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Variety Descriptions
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Comprehensive Apple Variety List
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Variety Parentage Color Season Description
Saint Edmund's Pippin England before 1875 ? yellow-gold with large, diffuse patches of light brown russet Mid cream-colored flesh, rich, juicy, and sweet; ranks among the best for fresh eating
St. Johnsbury Unknown,
old Vermont
Red over yellow base Early-mid A "nostagia apple" grown by early Vermonters. Tree is an upright, vigorous grower. It fruits precociously and can benefit by thinning. Small to medium yellow-fleshed fruit should be picked before ripe. Scab-resistant.
St. Lawrence Fameuse open pollinated Yellow, red stripes Mid Tender, fine-grained white flesh stained with red. Very good for eating; has a mild, pleasant flavor.
Salome Illinois 1853 ? yellow mottled and blushed with pinkish-red and carmine striping Mid medium to small, conical, and often ribbed; yellowish flesh, firm, fine-grained, crisp, and juicy
Sam Young England before 1818 ? bright yellow covered with gray russet, occasional orange flush Late small; greenish flesh, juicy and tender
Sandow Northern Spy open pollinated Red Mid Quality very high; aromatic, juicy, crisp.
Schell Virginia before 1839 ? clear yellow, sometimes with a pink blush Mid to late medium-sized, round, occasionally lobed; fine-grained yellow flesh, crisp, juicy, very aromatic
Scott Winter Vermont 1864 ? greenish-yellow, mostly covered with bright deep-red mottling and overlaid with darker red striping Mid to late medium with a slightly conical form; yellowish flesh, sometimes stained with red, crisp, tender and very juicy; fine dessert apple
Secor Salome X Jonathan Striped red Late Keeps well until Spring. Juicy, good flavor and texture.
Sekai Ichi Red Delicious X Golden Delicious pale pink to dark red with darker red stripes Mid to late large to extremely large; creamy white, crisp, breaking, and juicy flesh; pleasant, sweet, mild flavor; Japan, released 1974
Sharon McIntosh X Longfield Yellow, striped red Mid High quality, similar to McIntosh, but sweeter and firmer. Tree vigorous and productive.
Shenandoah Opalescent X Winesap pale pink to dark red with darker red stripes Mid richly flavored; performs well in pies; 1967 introduction
Sherry Unknown,
Stone type
Red striped Very late Fruit will hang on tree all winter. Poor quality when picked, but improves to good quality after storing for several months. Annual heavy crop.
Shockley Georgia 1852 ? pale yellow with bright red or crimson overlay Late medium or smaller, oblong and conical; smooth, tough skin; crisp, juicy, and sweet yellowish-white flesh;
Sierra Beauty California ? green and yellow with bright red blush Mid large, block-like shape; crisp, tart and juicy; keeps well
Smith's Cider Pennsylvania 1800's ? yellow, pale red overlay Late medium to large; tender, breaking, and very juicy flesh, yellowish;
Smith Seedling North Carolina before 1860 ? light green, dark-red blush, darker red striping Mid medium-sized, slightly flattened on the ends; fine-grained, crisp and juicy flesh, yellowish; good keeper
Smokehouse Pennsylvania 1830's ? red, yellow Mid Pleasant, mild flavor
Snow 1700's ? greenish yellow covered with bright red blush Mid medium-sized, attractive symmetrically round shape; very white, dense, crispy and juicy flesh; spicy flavor
Sofstaholm Early German (possibly from Russia) Yellow Early This cultivar comes to us from Germany via Jurgen Reckin. Similar to Yellow Transparent.
Sops of Wine ? greenish-yellow, dark red faint red striping Early medium to large, slightly conical; yellow flesh often stained with pink, tender, aromatic, not very juicy; early English variety?
Sparger North Carolina 1800's ? green, red and purple striping Early medium or smaller; greenish flesh, firm and juicy; excellent keeper
Spartan McIntosh X Newtown Pippin dark red Late-mid to late similar to McIntosh in quality and texture; sweeter
Spencer McIntosh X Golden Delicious yellow flushed and streaked with carmine and reddish-orange Mid large, oblong to conical; greenish-white soft, tender flesh; very sweet; good keeper; developed in 1926 at the British Columbia Experimental Station in Summerland, released in 1959
Spigold Northern Spy X Golden Delicious red and bronze stripes Late gourmet quality; developed by the New York Agricultural Experiment Station, released 1962
Starr New Jersey late 1700's ? greenish yellow, red blush Early large to exceptionally large, roundish
Stark Ohio 1869 ? greenish yellow, red blush Late medium to large, oblong to conical, occasionally ribbed; greenish-white to yellow flesh is crisp, coarse, firm and moderately juicy
State Fair Mantet X Oriole Bright Red Early White-fleshed, crisp, juicy. Excellent for fresh eating. Fruit ripens uniformly.
Stayman Kansas 1866 ? red Mid to late medium to large; tangy yellow flesh
Stoke's Red England 1920's ? red Late bittersharp English cider apple
Stone Blue Pearmain X Unknown Red striped Late Locally known and esteemed variety. Tree long-lived and healthy. Tends to overbear, so fruit may have to be thinned in early season.
Striped Harvey Unknown Green overlaid with red streaks Mid Sweet, but with enough tartness to bring out the rich flavor. From George Stilphen of Harrison, Maine
Stump New York 1875 ? pale yellow with a pink wash and splashes and stripes of dark red Mid fine-grained whitish flesh
Summer Banana South Carolina before 1900 ? deep yellow, faint red blush, pink and red stripes Early to mid slightly conical shape
Summer Champion Arkansas 1897 ? yellow covered by pink and red stripes Early medium, slightly conical shape
Summer King North Carolina early 1800's ? yellow-green covered by crimson and red stripes Early medium to large; brittle, tender, fine-grained flesh
Summer Pearmain English Pearmain seedling Red Mid One of two apples given "best" rating in Beach's Apples of New York. Mild, rich, excellent flavor. Tree a weak grower and fireblight susceptible.
Summer Rambo France ? yellow-green covered by crimson and red stripes Early large, often ribbed with unequal sides; coarse greenish flesh
Suncrisp Golden Delicious X ('Cortland' x 'Cox') greenish yellow, orange red blush Mid large to very large size, conical and slightly ribbed; whitish yellow, very firm and juicy flesh
Sunnybrook Heyer 12 X Morden 359 Yellow, blushed red Early A large apple good for culinary, fair for fresh eating. Fruit slightly acid but also sweet. Flavor holds up well in cooking. Fruits at a young age.
Sunrise Unknown Yellow-red Mid Unique pear-grape flavor. Good eating apple.
Sweet Bough US before 1817 ? pale greenish yellow, faint red blush Early medium; good fresh eating apple
Sweet Delicious New York 1911 ? greenish-yellow, orange overtones, with dark red streaks, some russeting Mid firm, fine textured, creamy white flesh; sweet, aromatic.
Sweet McIntosh Lawver X McIntosh Red-Yellow Late In spite of its name, does not resemble McIntosh. Large fruit, sweet, aromatic. Keeps 150 days at 30 degrees F.
Sweet Sixteen Malinda X Northern Spy Striped red Mid Uniquely flavored sweet, crisp apple with good storage qualities.
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