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Variety Descriptions
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Comprehensive Apple Variety List
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Variety Parentage Color Season Description
Tenderskin South Carolina 1850's ? yellow, red sripes Early to mid good all-purpose apple
Terry Winter Georgia before 1860 ? yellow, red sripes late excellent keeper
Tetovsky Russia greenish yellow Early small, flavorful, can be used for cooking before ripe and eating when ripe
Tolman Sweet Massachusetts ? light pale yellow late medium sized, round; sweet, spicy flesh
Tompkins King New Jersey early 1800's ? yellow washed with red mid large to very large; tender and aromatic; good fresh eating variety
Tydeman Red McIntosh X Worcester Pearmain dark red, yellow Early to early-mid firm; mild, sweet, pleasant flavor;
Twenty Ounce Pippin New York early 1800's ? greenish with red stripes mid large to very large, roundish shape, with tiny indentations in the skin; cooks well
Vandevere Delaware 1700's ? yellow, pale red stripes late medium to large sized; crisp and juicy, sweet; good for cooking all winter
Viking ? red-green Mid medium to large; white, juicy flesh; tart flavor
Virginia Beauty Virginia 1810 ? dark red late medium to large, sometimes not symmetrically shaped; good keeper
Virginia Gold Newtown Pippin X Golden Delicious bright yellow mid medium to large, good dessert and cooking apple; good keeper; developed at Virginia Polytechnic Institute around 1976
Virginia Greening Virginia 1700's ? green, red blush, large reddish dots mid medium to large; good keeper
Vista Bella Melba X Senora blushed red over yellow Early medium to large size; good quality dessert apple; not a great keeper.
Wagener New York late 1700's ? pinkish red mid medium to large; fine grained flesh; juicy; excellent cooking apple
Wealthy Cherry Crab X Sops of Wine Greenish-yellow 
striped with bright red
Late Good tasting when freshly picked and well-suited for sauce and other home processing. Tree stays small and is a heavy bearer.
Wedge Ben Davis
open pollinated
Solid red or striped Late Introduced by Univ. of Minnesota in 1922. Good keeper. Fruit is firm, crisp, juicy, slightly tart. Tree large with upright rounded habit, very productive.
Western Beauty Pennsylvania 1815 ? medium red, with dark red stripes late large, conical; tender, mild-flavored flesh; juicy
Westfield Seek-No-Further New England ? dull red Late-mid medium size; very high quality desert apple
Westland Heyer 12 X Dr. Bill Red striped Early Originating in Brooks, Alberta, this super-hardy cultivar will fruit in the coldest climate. Fruit large, juicy, good for pies and sauce but a bit tart for eating. Not a keeper. Pendulous branching habit. 
White Astrachan Early Russian Green overlaid with red stripes Early Very similar to Red Astrachan, this cultivar became popular in the Midwest 100 years ago. White flesh, high quality eating. Not a keeper.
Wilson Juicy Seeding of Fameuse Yellow with pink blush Mid Large white-fleshed, mildly tart, very juicy apple with a distinctive flavor. Good keeper.
Wine Delaware mid-1800's ? greenish tan, covered over with red stripes mid to late large, round; crisp and juicy
Winesap New Jersey 1800 ? dark red Mid to late medium size; yellow flesh, crisp, firm and very juicy; characteristic flavor
Winter Banana Indiana 1876 ? bright yellow, red blush mid large, conical; crisp and tender; pleasant aroma
Winter Redflesh Sasha X Redflesh Red Late red-fleshed; excellent for sauce and jelly
Winter Sweet Paradise Pennsylvania 1842 ? dull green, brown or purple blush mid medium to large; sweet and spicy flavor; keeps well
Wodarz Unknown (Wodarz 83) Medium-large yellow with a red blush; firm white flesh with sweet taste Late Sept. A joint release of N. Dakota and the R.L. Wodarz family, very sweet
Wolf River Alexander open pollinated red striped Mid very large and irregular or lopsided shape; bakes well; not a good keeper
Yarlington Mill England 1800's ? pale yellow late small; excelllent cider apple
Yates Georgia 1840's ? pale yellow with red stripes late small to very small; excellent keeper
Yellow Bellflower New Jersey early 1800's ? pale yellow with dull reddish blush Mid medium size, ribbed with knobs at calyx end; excellent fresh eating; once an important commercial variety in California
Yellow Transparent Russian yellow Early excellent for cooking; good for eating
York Imperial Pennsylvania 1800's ? light yellow, brownish-red stripes Late medium to large size, lopsided shape; flesh coarse and yellow, juicy and mildly tart
Zestar State Fair X MN 447 Green, nearly 100% blushed red Early A new cultivar from Minnesota breeding program. Sweet, crisp & juicy. Excellent summer apple. Keeps several weeks in cold storage.

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