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Variety Descriptions
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Comprehensive Apple Variety List
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Variety Parentage Color Season Description
Abram Virginia? waxy, greenish-yellow shaded with dull red Late fine-grained and tender with a spicy to sweet flavor
Adam's Pearmain English dull crimson-red; fine gray-brown russet coat Mid conical fruit, crisp, tender and firm; dry, nutty flavor
Adanac Battleford open pollinated Yellow, striped,  red wash Early Good cooking apple, will keep 2-3 months in storage.
Adirondack Crab Unknown Red -- Long lasting, profuse clusters of white flowers give way to tiny (1/4") fruit which hang on the tree well into winter.
Akane Jonathan X Worcester Pearmain bright red Early medium-sized; crisp, white juicy flesh; l970 introduction by the Tohoku Agricultural Experimental Station in Japan
Alexander Russian greenish, covered with red and carmine stripes and splashes Early firm, coarse, and crisp
Allington Pippin United Kingdom 1894 ? greenish yellow, reddish flush or stripes Mid medium size conical shape; flesh cream-colored,candy like flavor; good cooker
Allum North Carolina 1840's ? deep red skin Late tender, crisp and juicy, white flesh, rather tart; fine storage qualities
Almata Beautiful Arcade X Fluke 38 Crab pale red, gray bloom Early small to medium-sized; red-fleshed, tart flavor; bred by Dr. Neils Hansen, of South Dakota
Alton Early McIntosh X NY 845 Red wash over yellow Early White, fine-grained flesh bleeding to pink when fully ripe. Pleasant flavor, good for eating or cooking. Not a keeper.
American Beauty Massachusetts 1850's ? dark-red Mid to Late sweet and aromatic with slightly chewy flesh
American Summer Pearmain 1816 or earlier ? yellow striped with red early medium sized and somewhat oblong in shape
Anoka Mercer X Duchess Red-yellow Early-mid Bears at a young age. Good for culinary use.
Antonovka Early Russian Yellow Mid Large, round, white fleshed apple of average quality. Pretty, pink-tinged flowers.
Arkansas Black Winesap X ? dark red to almost black late medium,slightly conical in shape; yellow flesh is firm, fine-grained, crisp, moderately juicy, and sprightly subacid in flavor; best keeper
Arkansas Sweet Arkansas 1905 ? yellow overlaid with crimson and darker red stripes late medium size, whitish flesh, crisp, sweet, and crunchy
Ashmead's Kernel English 1700 ? yellowish-green, occasional light-orange blush, fine gray-brown russet coating Mid high-quality dessert apple; yellowish-white flesh; crisp, firm and juicy
Astrachan Crab Red Astrachan open pollinated Red-yellow Early Small, flavorful fruit. Abundance of white flowers.
Atlas Winter St. Lawrence X Duchess Red Mid Good for cooking and eating. Keeps well. Tree a strong grower and productive.
Autumn Arctic Arctic X Northern Spy Red-yellow, striped Mid Good tasting, productive, scab-resistant.

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