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Disease-resistant apples
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Disease-resistant apples
description and use chart
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DaytonAugust 20Bright, shiny red over yellowLargeMildly tart, less acid than JonathanCooking, fresh4 weeks
EnterpriseOctober 10Medium red over yellowMedium to largeMild, sub-acid, spicyCooking, fresh6 months
FreedomSeptember 10Bright red stripe over yellowMedium to largeSub-acidCooking, processing3 months
GoldrushOctober 25YellowLargeSprightly acidCooking, fresh7 months
JonafreeSeptember 1Medium red over yellowMedium to smallMildly tart, less acid than JonathanFresh2 months
LibertySeptember 5Red semi-stripeMediumModerately tartAll purpose5 months
Nova EasygroSeptember 5Red stripeMedium Slightly sweetCooking, fresh, processing2 months
NovamacAugust 25Medium red stripeMediumSub-acid, similar to McIntoshFresh3 months
PrimaAugust 15Red over yellowMediumMildly sub-acidCooking, fresh3 weeks
PriscillaSeptember 1Red over yellowMediumSweet with licoriceFresh2 months
PristineJuly 25YellowMedium to largeModerately tartFresh6 weeks
RedfreeAugust 5Medium redMediumSlightly sweet, low acidityCooking, fresh1 month
Sir PrizeSeptember 20YellowLargeSub-acid, aromaticCooking, fresh6 months
TrentOctober 25Red blushed over light greenMedium to largeSub-acid, less acid than McIntoshFresh, processing6 months
William's PrideJuly 30Dark red purpleMediumSub-acid, slightly spicyCooking, fresh6 weeks

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